SITE Talks

Social entrepreneurs, academics, researchers and practitioners talk to SITE4Society and engage in an open, enriching and inspiring dialogue! 


The mission of SITE4Society is to mobilise academics and students to contribute to making the world a better place. To achieve this mission, we first need to understand what the real problems of the world are and then also find ways to share the outcomes of our research with society, but also contribute towards their implementation. This is what drives all our activities in SITE4Society.

One of the tools we use to achieve this mission is the SITE Talks.

SITE Talks is a series of short interviews with people who are striving towards making a sustainable change in the world, and who bring a positive impact on peoples’ lives. Social entrepreneurs, practitioners and policymakers engage with us in an open, enriching and inspiring dialogue. Our discussion is focused on innovative projects and ideas they are working on, and how these are promoting Sustainable Development.

The overall aim of SITE Talks is to promote these ‘green’ initiatives as well as to raise awareness, in order to encourage more people to contribute towards Sustainable Development efforts.

Welcome to the SITE Talk series!

A SITE Talk with Nathalie Ummels – Mondiaal Maastricht (#5)

In this SITE Talk, we had the chance to speak to Nathalie Ummels, the coordinator of Mondiaal Maastricht. A few words about Nathalie Nathalie is leading Mondiaal Maastricht, a local NGO based in Maastricht, which counts almost 40 years of life. She is in charge of the day-to-day manag
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A SITE Talk with Panos Kouris – Vertoro (#4)

We are grateful for the opportunity we had to meet Panos Kouris, the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Vertoro and the winner of the Marc Cornelissen Brightlands Award 2021! A few words about Panos Panos holds a BSc. and a MEng in Chemical Engineering from the University of P
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A SITE Talk with Heidi Solba – Let’s Do it World (#3)

In this SITE Talk episode, we meet Mrs Heidi Solba, President and Head of Global Network at Let’s Do it World. Heidi is leading one of the biggest civic movements of our time, the World Cleanup Day, uniting millions of people across the world to transform our planet into a green
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A SITE Talk with Maayke Damen – Excess Materials Exchange (#2)

  In this SITE Talk, we had the pleasure to talk with Maayke Damen, the Founder of Excess Materials Exchange. A few words about Maayke Maayke is a circular economy expert who has advocated the reduction of waste through numerous companies and initiatives and has become very influ
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A SITE Talk with Elvis Aboluah – Trashy Bags Ghana (#1)

During this Talk, Elvis Aboluah unfolds the story behind Trashy Bags, the social enterprise that creates value from plastic waste, in an exclusive discussion with SITE4Society and Prof Shyama V. Ramani! A few words about Elvis Elvis is a Project Director at Trashy Bags, based in Accra
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