Research projects

The Green Academy Project: Making WASH+ schools the motors of the circular economy

(11/2019 – 05/2021)

The Green Academy Project is a unique program that allows teachers and School Health Environmental Program Coordinators to be trained on innovative, fun and practical ways to address the main principles of Circular Economy with their students and lead schools to become the motors of a circular economy. That will be achieved through a series of week-long training seminars for the teachers and a variety of support tools such as posters, games, educational materials and student projects. The ‘Green Academy Project’ aims to bring out a ‘green’ change in disadvantaged or low-income areas, starting from facilitating a change in students’ perception and behaviour about WASH+ (Water, Waste, Sanitation, Hygiene behaviour and creating tangible and social value from all of these elements) to making the school environment actually much cleaner and greener. Please find more information here.

Friend In Need Trust (FIN)

With the support of:
UNDP Ghana

A Cross-National Study of Urban Solid Waste Management:
Learnings and Way Forward

(01/2019 – 12/2019)

This collaborative research project seeks to bring insights on co-designed innovative solutions designs for inclusive and sustainable urban environments through (i) efficient MSW management (MSWM) and, (ii) value creation from waste.
It aims to make two significant and useful contributions. First, share knowledge on diverse issues in different cities to build collective insight into the nature of possible transition pathways to a circular economy. Second, explore possible cooperation pathways between Europe and emerging and developing countries, to contribute transitions to a circular economy. The expected outputs would not only be academic, but also of practical social value.

Maastricht University
The University of Ghana
University College Dublin
The University of York
United Nations University-FLORES
United Nations University-MERIT

With the support of:
Worldwide University Network (WUN)

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