Make Sustainability Yours! – Applying sustainability in our everyday life –

A Sustainability Guide for Living and Studying in Maastricht

By SDR Lab and SITE4Society @UNU-MERIT

What are the biggest environmental sustainability challenges our world is facing? Environmental pollution, land degradation, global warming, climate change, paucity of potable water supply, biodiversity loss and more. Policies, action plans and campaigns are taking place worldwide to confront them, yet what is our stake in this battle? And how can we substitute efforts towards sustainability through our everyday choices?

SDR Lab @UNU-MERIT and SITE4Society @UNU-MERIT held an interactive workshop, as part of the Precious Plastic Maastricht’s sustainability festival, on Saturday 15/06. Participants exchanged ideas on how they make responsible choices, in accordance with sustainability principles, in all possible aspects of their life, like housing, transportation, clothing, eating, travelling, entertainment, studying, consuming, etc.  In the end, participants came up with ideas on how to make sustainability an ongoing, every day, local and global reality.





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