A sanitation awareness and knowledge quiz on the World Toilet Day!

SITE4Society is partnering with Friend In Need Trust (or FIN), an NGO that serves as a teaching, training and action research laboratory to contribute to the global development agenda, for a sanitation awareness and knowledge quiz on world toilet day, November 19, 2019.

Presently there are still about 1 billion people around the world who are forced to practice open defecation because of lack of access to a functioning toilet and many millions who prefer not to use a toilet even when they have one available. Therefore, to promote household investment in sanitation and trigger behavioural change towards toilet usage, SITE4Society, in collaboration with FIN Trust, created fun educational material for a 60-75 minutes interactive workshop. The objective of this exercise is to educate and emote the world to leave “NO ONE BEHIND” in terms of access to sanitation.

Low and middle-income group community zones in cities are the biggest hotspots for the negative outcomes of poor quality sanitation systems. We can nudge all the stakeholders towards better management of faecal waste by disseminating knowledge about the design of these systems and the consequences of poor quality construction or maintenance. Our workshop is to help individuals and organisations take a step in this direction.

In UNU many students and researchers working on diverse challenges of socio-economic development. For its 9th event, SITE4Society organised a sanitation awareness educational quiz programme that was held at the United Nations University (UNU-MERIT, The Netherlands) for the World Toilet Day. Prof. Shyama Ramani shared photos of the entire sanitation education consortium and guided the participants through the facts and figures of the sanitation issue… Stay tuned for more details!