Friction or Positive Interaction – Are the SDGs Compatible?

SITE4Society is joining the Act for Global Goals Day in Maastricht, on September 25th!

Maastricht celebrates the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals), adopted in 2015 by all 193 members of the United Nations! On Wednesday 25 September, multiple activities, workshops, lectures (and more) will take place in and around the city hall, the market square and in local elementary schools of Maastricht.

SITE4Society will be there, delivering its 7th  event, during a morning session in the City Hall of Maastricht!

A few words about this workshop:
Interactions among the SDGs and their specific targets and indicators are drawing increasing attention from scholars and practitioners. Some SDG targets seem complementary, e.g. sustainable food production and ending deforestation, while others could be mutually exclusive. For instance, some types of interventions to increase food security may worsen global climate change and ‘harmony with nature’ is not likely to mix easily with targets of continued global economic growth!

Understanding these potential trade-offs, as well as synergistic relations among different SDGs, is crucial for achieving long-lasting sustainable development. During this workshop, participants will be challenged to come up with realistic solutions to the global challenges as given by the SDG targets, keeping in mind their underlying interdependencies. Is an integrative solution design even possible?

That’s what we intend to brainstorm about in our workshop! Working in teams, we invite you to develop your own indicators to map and measure (if possible) your routes to parts of the different goals. So come, discuss, learn, make new friends – and become an SDG ambassador!

Find more information about the Act for Global Goals Day here, and register here to secure your spot!