What do we do and why…

SITE4Society is engaged in the following fields:

Why are we doing this?

For many reasons, among which the following two seem most important to us:

First, academic writing has become about communicating research findings to peers. Over the years, it has become specialized, compartmentalized and less understandable due to the use of technical jargon and methods specific to sub-disciplines. But keeping results within a niche academic community may not be the best strategy to promote societal welfare. If we communicate our results to a wider audience, we are likely to increase the possibility of triggering ideas in others – academics in other sub-disciplines and disciplines, policy makers, NGO and corporate members, students, future Noble laureates etc. towards finding solutions to our word’s challenges! So that’s why we want to bridge the knowledge divide between academics and society.

Second, the world is full of inequalities. The scientific capabilities one accumulates is highly influenced by the quality of the academic institute one has the luck to study or work in. There are many non-premiere academic institutes in the world, where the students are also hungry to learn (and academics are eager to produce good research), but they cannot, because of the lack of infrastructure, good teaching and learning culture and access to the top academic journals. Here, the SITE4Society publication briefs aim to contribute to bridging this opportunity gap by bringing the essence of validated publications to all – for free! Furthermore, we have insisted on a publication brief rather than a blog, because it permits a minimum traceability for replication and further experimentation. Thus, it is likely to be more effective in providing a support to both students and teachers.