In order to attain its mission, SITE4Society aims to create a community of students and scholars across countries and disciplines, who generate and share useful knowledge among themselves and with other societal stakeholders towards the attainment of the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SITE4Society is engaged in the following activities:

The ‘SITE4Society SDG Briefs’ aim to be useful to university students, academics, policy makers, civil society groups, NGOs and citizens interested in keeping up to date with academic research findings on socio-economic and environmental evolution. Briefs are particularly written so as to showcase the essence of research in a simple and readable manner.

The ‘SITE4Society Events’  are tailored dialogues between ‘those who are making change happen and those studying how change happens!’ to serve as live learning experiences for students. By this, we mean that speakers are requested to answer questions that are the objects of current research from the perspective of their experience, and also make suggestions on what ought to be researched further.

The ‘SITE4Society Action Research’ are solution-oriented research projects. Action research means designing the studies such that they not only enhance existing knowledge but also bring about positive transformative change, however small that may be. The co-creation of knowledge is essential.

The ‘SITE4Society Training Programmes’ (non-paid) are targeted to Bachelor and Masters level students, who are engaged in social marketing, scientific writing, events organisation or anything relevant to our activities. They are mentored and supervised by doctoral students and Prof. Ramani. Only 3-4 students are taken per trimester and each is expected to spend 4 to 5 hours per week on training and internship work.