A SITE Talk with Nathalie Ummels – Mondiaal Maastricht (#5)

In this SITE Talk, we had the chance to speak to Nathalie Ummels, the coordinator of Mondiaal Maastricht.

A few words about Nathalie
Nathalie is leading Mondiaal Maastricht, a local NGO based in Maastricht, which counts almost 40 years of life. She is in charge of the day-to-day management of the organisations activities, she coordinates the team of volunteers and monitors the implementation of policies. She is passionate about community activism and dedicated to bringing Education for Sustainable Development and Education for Global Citizenship to the heart of education innovation.

What did we talk about?
During our discussion with Nathalie, we discovered more about Mondial Maastricht, how it all started and the role she has in the organization. We talked about the different projects she is coordinating and their link to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the organisations’ big achievements and her vision for the future.

Key message from our Talk with Nathalie
Nathalie is convinced that the projects Mondial Maastricht is managing at the local level is a first, but vital step towards achieving the Global Goals. She is determined in acting locally and thinking globally!

Learn more about Nathalie and Mondial Maastricht here: https://www.mondiaalmaastricht.nl