A SITE Talk with Maayke Damen – Excess Materials Exchange (#2)


In this SITE Talk, we had the pleasure to talk with Maayke Damen, the Founder of Excess Materials Exchange.

A few words about Maayke
Maayke is a circular economy expert who has advocated the reduction of waste through numerous companies and initiatives and has become very influential in the field of sustainability through her past work with the United Nations and TEDx Talks. Her current organisation, Excess Materials Exchange, is an innovative online platform which allows companies to buy and sell excess material through matching demand with surplus supply that would have otherwise been wasted.

What did we talk about?
During our discussion, we discovered more about her innovative approach to waste management, her motivation behind it and her beliefs which continue to drive the organisation forward.

Key message from our Talk with Maayke
Maayke is determined to fundamentally change the waste game – by introducing an innovative way of doing business that becomes the industry standard and could accelerate the creation of a global circular economy.

Learn more about Maayke and Excess Materials Exchange here: http://www.excessmaterialsexchange.com/