A SITE Talk with Heidi Solba – Let’s Do it World (#3)

In this SITE Talk episode, we meet Mrs Heidi Solba, President and Head of Global Network at Let’s Do it World. Heidi is leading one of the biggest civic movements of our time, the World Cleanup Day, uniting millions of people across the world to transform our planet into a greener, cleaner and more sustainable place.

A few words about Heidi
Heidi is the President and Head of the Global Network at Let’s Do It World. Originating from Estonia, and now more international than ever, she spent the last six years developing Let’s Do It World’s global network, which is nowadays active in more than 150 countries!

What did we talk about
During this SITE talk, Heidi explains how the World Clean-up Day started from a crazy idea of a few friends and is now known worldwide, with more than 50 million volunteers. In our talk, she explains why this particular action is proving so efficient, but also inspires with her engaging call to action, starting by making a change ourselves.

Key message from our Talk with Heidi
Our world has a huge sustainability problem, which is growing exponentially. But if everyone starts standing against it, and governments, NGOs, businesses, universities, communities etc. start working together, then we can actually make a change that matters.

Learn more about Heidi and the World Clean-up Day here: www.worldcleanupday.org