A SITE Talk with Elvis Aboluah – Trashy Bags Ghana (#1)

During this Talk, Elvis Aboluah unfolds the story behind Trashy Bags, the social enterprise that creates value from plastic waste, in an exclusive discussion with SITE4Society and Prof Shyama V. Ramani!

A few words about Elvis
Elvis is a Project Director at Trashy Bags, based in Accra. His role is in the area of public relations and educational initiatives with emphasis on outreach programmes. He is a professional Archaeologist and has previously worked with museums and educational programmes. Elvis is committed to the idea that education and awareness is the key to finding lasting solutions to Africa’s problems.

What did we talk about
During this talk, Elvis explains how it all started, what are the biggest challenges Trashy Bags faces and what is the most important lesson he has learned. He welcomed us to their factory and showroom in Accra, Ghana and explains how this social enterprise helps people.

 A key message from our Talk with Elvis
“The focus of Trashy Bags is to continue to recycle the plastic which otherwise would have been on land or the ocean destroying the environment into useful products.  By embarking on this activity, the company provides jobs to its workers and the people who collect the plastic at the same time creating educational awareness about the hazards of improper disposal of plastic, which is minimal in Ghana “.

Learn more about Elvis and his social enterpriseTrashy Bags here:  http://www.trashybags.org