Social Entrepreneurship & Public Policy

Master’s in Public Policy & Human Development

How can you and I become impactful change makers and make a living through practising social entrepreneurship? How can social entrepreneurship be leveraged to tackle contemporary global challenges? How can novel public-private partnerships, entrepreneurial ventures, social enterprises, NGOs and civil society cooperate and coordinate for sustainability?

The specialisation in Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy, under the coordination of Prof Shyama V. Rmanai, offered as part of our Master’s programme in Public Policy and Human Development, aims to provide students with knowledge and practical experience to mobilise and manage entrepreneurial processes to tackle contemporary global challenges, as embodied in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The specialisation in Social Entrepreneurship and Public Policy is one of the seven specialisations offered within the Master of Science in Public Policy and Human Development, a one-year double-degree programme run by United Nations University-MERIT and Maastricht University in Maastricht, the Netherlands.


Nudging for the SDGs

Globelics Conference, October 2018, Accra, Ghana

Prof. Dilip Soman, Professor at the University of Toronto and director of the Behavioural Economics in Action at Rotman (BEAR) research centre, explains how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can only be achieved by changing behaviours of several stakeholders.


A day with Trashy Bags (Accra, Ghana)

May 2018, Accra, Ghana

It is estimated that in Ghana, waste produced from plastic packaging amounts to 270 tonnes per day; most of it non-biodegradable. It is estimated that only 2% of plastic waste is recycled! But what happens to the remaining 98%? And how can we respond to this waste crisis?

Trashy Bags is a social enterprise based in Accra, Ghana that makes recycled eco-friendly bags and gifts from plastic trash. Trashy Bags is leading the way in sustainable development in Africa in the area of plastic recycling and we have collected and recycled approximately 20 million plastic sachets since we started in 2007. Every month nearly 200,000 plastic sachets are being collected and brought to Trashy Bags by a network of people who are obtaining an income from their efforts.