Green Academy Project

Confucius said ‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand’~

Children are the change-makers of the future and schools are mainly where their capabilities, visions and values are built. The Green Academy Project is a unique programme that allows teachers and educational services professionals to be trained on innovative, fun and practical ways to address the waste management issues within their students and lead schools to become the motors of a circular economy. This training academy can be easily adapted by schools, given their current state and existing capabilities, and can empower teachers and staff to take charge of environmental education.

The Green Academy Project aims to bring out a ‘green’ change in disadvantaged or low-income areas, starting from facilitating a change in students’ perception and behaviour about WASH+ (Water, Waste, Sanitation, Hygiene behaviour and creating tangible and social value from all of these elements) to making the school environment actually much cleaner and greener.

Its novelty lies in its interactive teaching approach. It includes educational material and activities that are introducing the key concepts of waste management and circular economy to the students in a fun and interactive way. Though short presentations, games, quizzes, outreach activities, songs and hands-on constructions students get to know not only the WHAT but also the WHY behind the meaning and importance of adopting a more hygiene behaviour.


Green Academy Project in Ghana…

Under the support of Waste Recovery platform of UNDP Ghana and in collaboration with Ghana Education Service and the local NGO Environment360, the Green Academy Project is taking place for the first time in Ghana.

Teachers in the Greater Accra Region completed in October 2020 their training and are preparing to bring this programme to their schools! Led by Ghana Education Service officers, the teachers have been trained on the content and educational material created by Friend In Need India and SITE4Society, they tested their knowledge and worked collaboratively towards their common goal.



Congratulations to these amazing teachers who are leading a change in environmental education in Ghana! 

We cannot wait to see its actual application in schools within the next months!